Monday, 5 March 2012

How To Make a Beautiful Flying Butterfly!!

 This is a beautiful flying butterfly that we made for a school activity. My 7-year old daughter had an art activity in her school so i found it on the internet and made it by the help of my husband. We won FIRST prize for this Flying Butterfly in the Arts Exhibition ...
Here I will share it with you, so that any one can make it. Its so much easy!
 Things you Need:
1- One Pink hard chart
2- One wire
3- Thick Thread
4- Markers
5- Glitters
6- White Glue
7- Small hanger
8- Beads/ Small Artificial Diamonds "Diamontees"
9- Pencil
10- Scissors 
1- First of all, make a sketch of the Butterfly you want to make. Then cut it with scissors and draw lines in the wings.
2- Color the outer border and middle portion with purple or blue marker (You can change the colors to your liking).
3- Then color the inner side with Pink marker.

4- Use Blue marker for more colors..
5- We liked Orange to give it a bright look.
6- Now cut one side of a small hanger and paste it on two small pieces of hard chart, and stick it on back of Butterfly and hold it for some times until it dries.
7- Now apply White Glue on the border lines.
8-Then spread Silver Glitters all over the Butterfly.
9- It will look like this.
10- Tap the Butterfly Lines lightly with your index finger so that the Glitters get stick on the borders.
11- Then carefully collect extra glitter in any plate or a news paper, so that you can use it for other activity.
 12- For the Butterfly Tummy, we passed a thin wire through a thick thread, and then twisted it to get strong hold. However you can twist the thin wire and then wrap a thick thread over it too. After the Tummy is ready, we colored it with a Black marker. The open ends of the tummy will be left open to act as the antennas on top.

13- Now its time to put Butterfly's antenna. Apply some glue and hold it for sometimes.And stick some beads on the Butterfly wings.

14- Your Flying Butterfly is ready to fly now.
15- It will fly when you will press the bottom of the wire with your thumb and index finger.
(I will post a video soon too)

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